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14 Reasons to Paint Your Front Door - Warm and inviting colors that belong on your entry.

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

When you only have one opportunity to make a good first impression, pulling out all the stops becomes a necessary feat. And when it comes to a home, the entry, especially your front door, stands in as the undeniable first impression. In lieu of settling for the existing hue, why not adopt a vibrant or eye-catching shade instead? Whether this comes in the form of the interior or exterior, we’re all for bringing on a refreshing change. 

Tempted for a makeover? Luckily, we rounded up the season’s must-have shades so that you can reinvent your statement entry. Read on for the front door paint color ideas we simply can’t get enough of. 


It’s no secret that we have a slight obsession with primary hues and this vibrant red—the official color of summer 2018—is no exception. Embrace the season’s It color by designating the statement-worthy shade for the entryway. Take a cue from this dreamy Silverlake home, which pairs the dominant hue against the beautiful contrast of the neutral exterior.

Recreate this look with…

Real Red by Sherwin-Williams

Cobalt Blue

This stunning blue door may be a statement all on its own, but it has a dynamic effect when paired with the brick exterior—there’s a reason why cobalt blue and terracotta is one of our favorite color combos right now. 

Recreate this look with…

Dark Royal Blue by Benjamin Moore


A pop of color coupled with a whitewashed exterior and plethora of plants, instantly elevates this dreamy spot, making for a truly accent-worthy entry.

Recreate this look with…

Tangerine Dream by Benjamin Moore


While there is no shortage of inspired colors in Dabito’s vibrant New Orlean’s home, we’ve got our eyes on the saturated green that decks the entry. Paired with a whitewashed backdrop and light-wood furnishings, the look is pure perfection with a dynamic twist. 

Recreate this look with…

Spinach by Valspar

Dusty Rose

Consider this the grown-up version of a classic pink. Its delicate undertones instill a refreshing element to its surroundings, blending in seamlessly within a variety of complementary shades. Pair the color with soft grays and blues or brilliant whites. We can’t get enough of the black and white checkered flooring.

Recreate this look with…

Calamine by Farrow & Ball Pink Ground by Farrow & Ball

Matte Black

A defining shade featuring a chic matte finish lends a modern touch to this classic California entry. Coupled with a cream stucco exterior, red brick pathway, and an eclectic assortment of colorful plants, the depth of the door paint feels a bit more restrained. 

Recreate this look with…

Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams

Rustic Wood

Take it back to the basics by highlighting the original finish of your front door. Strip the wood of its paint and top with a speciality wood finish or stain. Depending on the exterior of the home, opt for a stain that complements its surrounding. Complete the look with industrialized hardware of a rustic or patina make. 

Recreate this look with…

Grass Green

Green adds a touch of nature in a subtle way. Especially when paired with potted florals, like this house has done, the color is inviting and refreshing at the same time.

Recreate this look with…

Eco Green by Sherwin-Williams

Stark White

For the ivy-covered exterior that manages to steal the spotlight from the remaining elements of the home, consider a paint color in a deep contrast such as white or black. This whitewashed entry not only stands out against its surroundings, it also inspires an eye-catching detail of its own. 

Recreate this look with…

Snow White by Benjamin Moore Ultra Pure White by Behr

Electric Pink

Feeling bold? Go for something as vibrantly pronounced as this bright pink. Best reserved for the warm-weathered spots, this saturated hue pairs perfectly with its whitewashed brick exterior and neighboring palms. 

Recreate this look with…

Smoky Lilac

Featuring a soft black undertone, this unique shade of lilac imparts a hint of modern elegance as emulated by this stunning Parisian front door. Recreate the look with polished silver details or charcoal gray hardware. 

Recreate this look with…

Rosebud by Sherwin Williams

Misty Green

A weathered shade of sea foam green is elevated by the sleek brass hardware and oxidized copper knocker, which transform the entry into one Pinterest-worthy spot. 

Recreate this look with…

Topiary Tint by Behr Slow Green by Sherwin Williams

Mellow Yellow

A bright yellow door can be intimidating. We know. In lieu of the flashy alternative, opt for something in a more low-key finish. This muted shade will enhance just about any entry, extending a refreshing and welcoming effect.

Recreate this look with…

Lantern Light by Sherwin Williams

Stone Gray

This timeless shade not only softens the intensity of an exclusively contemporary design aesthetic, it also extends a hint of modern elegance to the front door. The gray is most prominent when paired with a whitewashed exterior and matte black hardware.

Recreate this look with…

Calluna by Farrow & Ball

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