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Front Door Flower Pots For A Good First Impression. Make Your House Stand Out!

When you visit someone, whether it’s for the first time or not, you get to create an impression about their home as soon as you reach the front door and you knock on the door. It’s an impression you create based on what you see around you. It’s why it’s important to have a beautiful and inviting floor door entrance. For that, there are numerous things you can do.

Something very simple and also very beautiful you can do for your front door entrance is to have flower pots. Display them on either side of the door or in its vicinity. If you have a covered porch then it’s even better because you get to beautifully display numerous flower pots and they will be protected from rain and harsh weather conditions.

You can use two identical flower pots for a symmetrical look and place them one on each side of the door. You can also play with sizes and have pots with the same shape and design but different dimensions arranged in the same area.

You can also have wall-mounted flower pots at the entrance if you’d rather use the floor space for something else. Oversized flower pots are also great, especially if you have a path leading to your front door. You can use them on the side, like a shield that guides you to the entrance. Of course, there are numerous other designs, ideas and combinations you can try so find the one that better suits you and your home.

In addition to being able to mix and match all sorts of flowers, colors and textures when decorating the pots, there are also numerous ways in which the flower pots themselves can be the center of attention. It can be because of their size, odd shape, color or the way they’re arranged and displayed. To customize the entrance or any other space, it’s also possible to actually make your own flower pots.

Oversized flower pots look good when you have an imposing front door

Combine a variety of colors and let the flowers stand out while keeping the pots simple

Arrange multiple flower pots in a row for a clean and chic look

The type of flowers pots you choose can also be related to the style of your home

Create symmetry using identical pots as well as the same type of greenery

Plants with oversized leaves are very attractive and look great in oversized pots

Combine multiple colors for a more dynamic visual effect

Match the colors of the pots with that of the front door for cohesion

Symmetry can have multiple forms so choose the one that suits your design

Match the color of the pots with the color of the walls to let the plants to stand out more

These decorative trees are versatile and can be modeled in many different ways

Put flower pots on the steps leading to your front door to create a beautiful path

A metal bucket can easily be repurposed as a planter for the front entrance

A striking combination which is surprising well-balanced

You can alternate sizes while preserving the design and color

You can choose for planting hangers also

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